March 2021

The Hoekzema Lab will move to the AMC!

We are currently transitioning from Leiden University to the Amsterdam University Medical Center (AMC). The full team is expected to start in October. Vacancies will soon be posted for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers for this new team and project. Check Academic Transfer for these job posts.

September 2020

European Research Council (ERC) grant awarded to set up new study

An ERC Starting Grant of 1,5 million euro has been awarded to Elseline Hoekzema to set up a large-scale study to further investigate the changes in a woman's brain associated with becoming a mother. Read more...

September 2017

Research grant from the Brain and Behavior Foundation awarded for researching the link between brain changes and postpartum depression

A NARSAD Young Investigator Grant has been awarded to Elseline Hoekzema to expand her studies to examine the relationship between pregnancy-related brain changes and the development of postpartum depression. Read more..

March 2017

Our results are presented at the European Parliament!

We were invited to present and discuss our findings in Brussels at the European Parliament

February 2017

Our results travel the world!

Our first results have been published and they are discussed by the media across the world. Read more..

Maart 2017

Leids Universitair Fonds / Elise Mathilde Stichting grant awarded for research on multiparity

A grant by the Leids Universitair Fonds has been awarded to Elseline Hoekzema to investigate brain changes in multiparous women.

August 2014

NWO grant awarded for research on pregnancy and the human brain

Elseline Hoekzema has been awarded a Veni grant to set up a long-term prospective cohort study to investigate the effects of pregnancy on the human brain. Read more..